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We have huge plans and most of them are already implemented

SMART PCI Express x6 Expansion Backplane

Voltages, temperature, humidity and cooling control

100% — done
ComBox AC (AIR Cooling)

Universal Mobile Unit ready for all type of blockchain solutions

100% — done
Board for Immersion Cooling

World’s highest efficiency universal computing solution

100% — done
ComBox IC (Immercion Cooling)

World’s highest perfomance universal computing unit with immersion cooling

Parallel Computing Solution

Selling of computing power for modeling complex processes and neural networks

High Efficiency GPU-card

Development and produce of specifically solutions for air and immersion mining systems




Eugeniy Koinov

Founder and CEO of Delerex Pte Ltd

Specialist of crypto-currency solutions,
accounting and auditing. Worked
in automation of stock exchange trading


Mathematician, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Specialization: theoretical bases of
computer science, discrete mathematics
and mathematical cybernetics,
theory of games and algorithms, AI


Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences

Professor of the french aerospace lab
ONERA, multi-physics department
for energy. Professor of
University of Rouen and PAU


Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor

Doctor of chemical sciences, professor,
vice-rector for research,
St. Petersburg State Institute of
Technology (Technical University)


Here is our team

Dmitriy Rytvinskiy


Manager with more than 10 years of
experience in management positions.
Has great experience in organization of
dealers networks.

Dmitriy Elagin

Founder, CTO and
Seed Investor

Founder and Technical Director of
ComBox Technology. The developer of
technological processes in the company,
blockchain expert.

Ilya Dushin

Product director

Digital economy expert. Specialist of
crypto-currency solutions and
block-technology, programmer, investor.
Worked with VIACOM, Carlsberg etc.


You asked — we answer

  • Yes, we have already had several containers based on air-cooling. In addition, our main activity is the solution of complex technical problems using the latest technology. The group of companies ComBox Technology includes R&d division in the form of a legal entity, Omega LLC specialized in research and development. The main advantages are the effective implementation of the required functions and the use of the most suitable own hardware. During years of practice, we have accumulated a huge experience in the use of the most modern technologies. This use allows us to achieve optimal results and provides our investors, customers and partners with additional advantageous.

  • Combox Technology company has developed a two-phase immersion cooling technology for the GPU. It is the two-phase and for low heated GPU. The uniqueness is that the GPU AMD or NVIDIA is placed in the Novec 3M liquid which is constantly working. There are no moving mechanisms such as coolers in MXM video cards. They are less affected by the environment. In addition, they operate continuously at the same temperature. The use of fluid heat sink allows the use of technology dispersal of graphics cards without the risk of damage. Due to our own technological solutions, we use a small amount of the Novec 3M liquid as the compositing and boards have been specifically designed, it allows us to achieve monetary savings. Solutions of ComBox are safe because the containers and all system components include the sensors of humidity, temperature, entry, security and fire alarms, etc. components and / or subsystems that control parameters of work. In the case the values exceed the limits they switch off wrong components thereby ensuring fire safety and safety of the equipment. All containers are insured by JSC "AlfaStrakhovanie", thus, the risk of fire, lightning or theft is mitigated. Therefore, our solution is unique in the current market.

  • One-phase immersion cooling is used for a long time everywhere. Liquid or condenser oil is circulated and cooled. Two-phase systems use a phase change where heat is transferred to the coolant and reject from the system. First of all, it is cheaper with the proper designing. Secondly, it is not necessary to have bulky structures and expensive pumps. Thirdly, it allows to achieve effective heat rejection from the hottest elements of the system; GPU, RAM, PGU and etc. It significantly extends the service life of the electronics. We can also note liquid used in our solutions such as Novec 3M, fluor organics. It does not burn at all but it boils at a temperature of 61 degrees Celsius. Immersion oil used in single-phase systems burns very well and creates a risk of fire. In addition, the fire in the container with immersion oil means 100% loss of all equipment. When using 3M liquid, the maximum loss of equipment in case of fire will be no more than 5%. Besides us, other companies have also started to use two-phase immersion cooling but they put devices or units in the liquid. This approach is irrational because it requires large amounts of the 3M Novec liquid and it is very expensive. We designed the board and achieved a very high density. Thus, a maximum of 5 liters of 3M Novec is required for cooling of 96 AMD rx470 graphics cards.

  • You can contact us by e-mail info@combox.io or by phone +7 (812)748-27-27. In addition, our advisors are always available in all official social channels. The links are available on the website https://combox.io.

  • The structure of the group of companies:
    ● ComBox Technology is the parent company in the phase of registration and legal verification
    ● ComBox Investment is the investment company in the phase of registration and legal verification
    ● Everest LLC is the production company, Russia, St. Petersburg, Poetical Boulevar, 2
    ● Omega LLC is R & D, Russia, Obukhov oborona Ave., 76 lit. P
    Representative office in Russia LLC "Everest", Russia, St. Petersburg, Poetical Boulevar, 2.

  • The first advantage is PuE. It means that the total power ratio consumed by the Solution to power consumed by the IT equipment involved in the processing and storage of information of this solution. The value of PuE for air cooling system is 1,45 rather than it is 1.05 for two phased immersion cooling. Thus, the cost effectiveness is higher for immersion cooling systems than for air-cooled systems. To make a conclusion, they are more economical and cheaper to operate. The second advantage is the complete absence of mechanical rotating elements in systems with immersion cooling. They do not have coolers and fans which air-cooled systems have. The coolers and fans are constantly spinning and regularly fail. In addition, they require repair works. In immersion systems, the equipment operates at a constant temperature of the same. The high temperature of electronics is 61 degrees Celsius in ComBox Solutions. There are not any overheating, dependence on the environment (summer – hot, winter – cold), damage as a consequence of the above. It should be mentioned that the repair of coolers and any other failure it is a dead time, that adversely affects the performance of the task. Thus, when replacing or cleaning the coolers, the expenses include both the cost of components, the lost profit for the period of maintenance.

  • Yes, we do. It is our difference from many companies. We have experience in the development and operation of air-cooled ComBox A-480 containers. We know all the numerous disadvantages of air cooling. Due to the results of their analysis, we have developed a technological solution with two-phase immersion cooling. Then, we have released a prototype, tested and optimized the solution and processes, then we developed and produced the commutative sections of the ComBox I-96. These sections consist of 16 IC-6 ComBox boards and are immersed in a 3M liquid boiler. Now we have tested such a section and assemble a container with 960 cards inside.

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